Cabling Project

Cabling ProjectDan, Jessie and Crisha came over. Dan, Jessie and I worked on my cabling project. The goal was to add 4 network, 1 phone and 1 CATV drop to my bedroom; and 2 network, 1 phone and 1 CATV drop to my brothers room. All network drops were to end up in my closet, where my switch would go.

While the guys ran out to HomeDepot for supplies, the ladies went out to an art show. The men came back with over $100 in hardware, and the ladies came back with 2 Costco pizzas — no art besides that on the pizza box.

We all got back around 1pm, ate lunch and got right into it. Jessie and I climbed into the attic to drill two holes for the drops between Dave’s room and mine. Once we verified we could get the drops down the wall, Dan sawed out holes for a box on each side of the wall.

The first cable down the wall was the CATV. While Jessie and Dan pulled the next 7 Cat5 cables (6 network, 1 phone), I drilled out 5 holes in the attic for the drops to the switch in my closet (so many holes for planned expansion into a 24 port switch). By the time I had my holes drilled out, they had finished pulling the Cat5. Dan and Jessie started terminating all the lines and installing the wall plates and boxes. I started searching for a circuit to tap into for a power box we would need to add in the attic.

Somewhere between these two paragraphs, Dan was able to get the phone lines installed and tested. But I forget exactly how/when this happened. First goal completed.

By the time they had the first plate done, it was dinner time. We ate, they (Jessie & Crisha) left, we resumed work. Dan finished off the second plate and moved to terminate the network cables in the closet, while I installed the power box in the attic. Once the power box was done, we installed a CATV amp in the attic, and moved all existing CATV drops to the new amp. Second goal completed.

Next, Dan repaired a newly mangled power cord, which we used to run power from the new power box down into my closed to power the switch. After moving the switch to its new home in the closet, we were able to test all of the new network wall jacks, which all worked, of course. Third goal completed.

After clean-up, it was about 10:45pm. Dan left shortly after.

One Response to “Cabling Project”

  1. Dan Says:

    Very good pictures. haha. I DLed them all. Should I apply to be a hand model?

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