Small world

So, I was driving home, minding my own business. When.. wham! I was rear ended. Ok, alright. It didn’t sound quite like that. More like a mild bump, as we were crawling along at rush hour speed. At any rate. I stared down the driver in my rear view mirror and pointed to the side of the freeway. He pointed too, and I nodded my head.

Once to the side, we got out and started to pick up the debris and inspect the damage. (ok, so there was no debris, either) Then I noticed a badge on his shirt.

I said, “Oh, you work at NASSCO too?”
“Yeah, you too?” (as if I’d say “too” if I didn’t)
“That’s a shame”, he said.

La Dee Dah… we get back in our cars and onto the freeway… Resuming our rush hour speed of 0-5 mph. After following each other for the next two miles, it became apparent: I was struck in the back by a co-worker who lives just blocks from my house.

What is this world coming to?


One Response to “Small world”

  1. Dan Says:

    Heavens above Gromit! He’s alive! So after a 2 week strike on blogging are you back for good?

    Are you sure there’s no big magnet in your trunk? Was there any damage? pictures? Blood? Life altering emotional scaring? 🙂

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