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Calendar Success!

March 24, 2005

Hi, I’m stupid. Out of the blue, I had an epiphany at work: maybe the iCalendar problem has to do with those “Private” checkboxes!

Well, duh! I just went through, and unchecked all the boxes and — Voila! You can now see my schedule at I will no longer be updating the .ics files at Instead, you can get the same files the online calendar uses, at:


March 23, 2005

So, I installed phpiCalendar (here), but haven’t been able to successfully get it to read my .ics files. It seems that Sunbird puts something into the file that phpiCalendar can’t read.

I’ve googled and researched, but haven’t found an answer/solution yet. And to make things harder, the phpiCalendar website is down. 😦

Dead watch

March 21, 2005

This morning, I found my watch had died. This is the first watch I have had that the battery has died. Most of the time (pun), I loose the watch or break it. 🙂

Holidays added to calendar

March 21, 2005

I updated my public calendar to add all the NASSCO holidays.

Cabling Project

March 20, 2005

Cabling ProjectDan, Jessie and Crisha came over. Dan, Jessie and I worked on my cabling project. The goal was to add 4 network, 1 phone and 1 CATV drop to my bedroom; and 2 network, 1 phone and 1 CATV drop to my brothers room. All network drops were to end up in my closet, where my switch would go.

Read my lips

March 18, 2005

Split LipSo, I was wrestling “Tin Man” Justin. I had his arms pinned against the wall, and I was bending down to grab his legs so I could throw him over my shoulder. Yeah, that’s when his knee came up and met with my face. I split my lip.

But before the we left, I did get him over my shoulder… upside down. 🙂

Public Calendar

March 11, 2005

I’ve thrown up a calendar so my public can see parts of my schedule. The URL is Right now, it’s nothing to look at. Just a link to a file you can subscribe to using Mozilla Sunbird. But I was looking at PHP iCalendar, and I think I’ll install it somewhere on my server.


March 8, 2005

Right after reporting to work today, my supervisor told me that tomorrow I’ll be reporting to BP2 (Brittish Petrolium, ship #2). He said that he tried to hold onto me and send someone else but wasn’t able to. He said I must have pleased someone over there because he usually gets what he wants.

I asked him how long this was, and he said a week. I said that’s fine, as long as I can come back to his crew after its over. He said, “Don’t worry, you will.”

I guess it’s good to know your wanted… and that people are fighting over you. At the same time, I’m not too excited about going back to BP2. I have no idea where I’ll be working or what I’ll be doing. And I’ve heard the guy I’m reporting too is — uh — not fun to work for.

Kris update

March 3, 2005

I visited Kris after work today. I got to the hospital around 5:30pm and left at 8pm. He’s doing better, but he’s still in the Pediatrics ICU. While I was there he went for a walk. His longest to date – all the way down the hallway to the first balcony. He’s had 2 of his 3 chest tubes removed so far.

Tomorrow, he’s having a swallowing test. They’ll have him swallow some barium and take x-rays to see if his esophogus is leaking or not. I’m guessing that if there are no more leaks, they’ll move him to Pediatrics.

Small world

March 1, 2005

So, I was driving home, minding my own business. When.. wham! I was rear ended. Ok, alright. It didn’t sound quite like that. More like a mild bump, as we were crawling along at rush hour speed. At any rate. I stared down the driver in my rear view mirror and pointed to the side of the freeway. He pointed too, and I nodded my head.

Once to the side, we got out and started to pick up the debris and inspect the damage. (ok, so there was no debris, either) Then I noticed a badge on his shirt.