Fun Weekend

I had a great weekend. It started Friday around 9am (as I got off work at 8:30, due to rain, w00t!). I spent the morning cleaning for a get-together that was planned for Saturday evening at my house. In the afternoon, I went over to Dan’s house. We ate KFC, fixed some of the bugs in the Shoutbox software and played some xbox. Then, I ran over to the church around 3pm, to prep for the G-Force youth group. Had lots’a fun, got home late, it’s all good.

Saturday, I slept in ’till 10am. Woah, it’s been forever since I slept in that late. Loved it! I slowely made my way through the morning and did an oil change on a car. Ate lunch and ran over to a birthday party. I brought my two xboxes, of course. But what surprised me was the amount of time the youth spent playing with a dollar deck of cards, while my xboxes sat in the other room. I learned some new variations of “War”.

Around 6:30, I ran home to get-together, which started at 6. Right off the bat, I noticed there was a fire in the fireplace. Wow, been a while since I’d seen one of those. We talked, played Sorry, and watched some of the lego movies we’ve made.

Sunday, up at 7am and at the church around 7:30am. Church ended around noon, as usual. Then I ran over to a Easter Committee meeting. We made a bit of progress, as we should have. Especially since we didn’t get out until 6:30pm. On the way home, I called Jesse then Dan. Then picked up Jesse and drove to Dan’s house, where we watched Blazing Saddles.

Home again around 10pm. A long, but very fun weekend.


3 Responses to “Fun Weekend”

  1. Dan Says:

    Looks like we upgraded our blogs to 1.5 at the exact same time. LOL

  2. galikanokus Says:

    posts!!!! more posts!!!!!

  3. Dan Says:

    It’s been nearly a full 2 weeks since you posted anything new. Things have been happening and going unblogged. that is a crime you know.

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