ChipDealer update

It’s now January 3, and I still haven’t received my “Pro Switch” mod for my xbox. This was the other half of the order I placed on December the 12th at

Also, I sent them an email on December 28th saying, “What’s up with my order.” Well, they have yet to reply to that one. So I sent them another email today. Oh, and while they haven’t had time to reply to my emails, they seem to have been able to give their site a face lift. It looks completely different now.

And they seem to have deleted my customer account. I can no longer login to view the status of my order. And I can’t use the “Lost Password” feature as the site keeps telling me my email is invalid.


10 Responses to “ChipDealer update”

  1. Dan Says:

    That BLOWS. Keep on their tail about it. They suck! MUST HAVE GLOWING BUTTONS!!!

  2. Dan Says:

    Off Topic: Didn’t you say that the 5th Element was to be released on DVD soon, instead of just being on VHS? I saw a commercial I think and I looked on Amazon.

    Hmmmm 🙂

  3. Mark Says:

    Uh. I didn’t say that. But there is a new “Ultimate Edition” that was released today.

  4. NotImportant Says:

    I placed an order on december 17th with chipdealer – Checkout the website to read the letters that i received back from them. Checkout the dates. it took them 30 days to determine maybe I should get a refund… Still dont have it.. (1/24/05)

    Definetly wouldnt recommend. I hear a lot of good things about MODchipman, At least he/she answers their email.

  5. Alex T. Says:

    I ordered from chipdealer and got it fast sorry to hear that you didn’t A+++ to chipdealer

  6. Darryl Says:

    I acknowledge all of the problems that CHIPDEALER.COM has had in the past. Thats why i was brought in. Any one who is having any problems please contact me directly on the Support chatroom #chipdealer on efnet, or you can contact me via email at I will personally help you with any problem you are having immediatly. We have a full new staff in our USA Location (Shipping now done from Michigan). And a new canada Manager (Yes Modiller does not work for us anymore). And our Europe site will launch within the next week. I chatting here frequently to check out all the good people will come here to talk about us. And for everyone reading i offer you a 5% discount on our already unbeatable prices. Please use coupon code X3FORUMS. Thanks


  7. Philip Wallace Says:

    Hi Darryl,

    I tried to place an order using my AMEX (as this was listed as an accepted card) but was then told by the payment site that it did not accept this card.

    Can one of your guys contact me about completing the order? I don’t have my order #, but I guess you can find it using my name?

    I ordered the Xecuter 2.6 CE Mod Chip.


  8. Mark Says:

    Uh, this aint a support forum. Try emailing him direct.

  9. Dan Says:

    LOL, I can’t believe someone would expect this Darryl to actually recieve their message by posting comments on YOUR blog. OY

  10. john Says:

    yeah if anyone can read this before they order from those crooks i have one piece of advice: DONT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

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