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Espresso Yo’self

January 31, 2005

Our church had another coffee house event last night. I thought it went well and enjoyed myself very much. We had more open mic participation this time around. And I think attendance over all was up.

We had three modified xboxes setup this time, which the kids swarmed, of couse. I found it hillarious when I found some high schoolers coloring while the younger kids were gaming away.

I have over 300 digital photos (340MB) from the event. I’m still organizing and sorting them out. Eventually, I’ll burn a few CDs and get a section put up on my Gallery site.


January 31, 2005

Apache bit the dust last night. It would not restart. After reading various logs and googling the errors I found, it seems that mod_python (for Apache, used by Trac) has semaphore leaks. Over time and apache restarts, the leaks add up until there is no more room.

I found a quick fix here. It just removed all the semaphores owned by the apache user, cleaning up the mess. Then I updated mod_pythong. I’m hoping they fixed the leak. If not, I’ve already written this quick fix into my apache monitor.

And just for kicks and giggles, I’ve removed the apache2splitlogfile from the apache config. So lets hope it’s smooth sailing from now on.

Downtime 2

January 26, 2005

Server was down for a while again. I hadn’t checked email in a day or two either. Sorry. I modified my script. It does an init.d stop then start rather than a restart. My apache wasn’t even runing becuase the init.d restart command didn’t bring apache up.

I also tweeked my apache config in an effort to fix the crashing. The errors are caused by apache2splitlogfile. If things don’t work out, I’ll revert to the default apache logging methods.


January 18, 2005

Sorry about the webserver downtime. I got an email about it a day or two ago. I didn’t fixed it sooner because I need it broke while I wrote a utility to fix it for me.

I’m writting a shell script (which will be in cron) to detect when the server dies (gives Forbidden errors). It will then restart the Apache server and send me an email. I’ve got the script detecting and restarting fine, but I got stuck when I found out my server doesn’t have email capabilities (I never put it in). So, I’ve spent the last 2 days researching linux mail servers. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now to install and configure one.

So… if you see my server down again, give my cron an hour to restart it. If its still down after an hour, shoot me an angry email. And I’ll kick it back on when I get home from work. Deal?


January 11, 2005

Today started out cold, wet and miserable. It ended cold and miserable…. with still wet feet.

I had to work out in the rain today. Again. But this time I had a raincoat, so I didn’t get soaked. But my all-leather, steel-toe work boots ended the day squishy.

ChipDealer update

January 3, 2005

It’s now January 3, and I still haven’t received my “Pro Switch” mod for my xbox. This was the other half of the order I placed on December the 12th at

Also, I sent them an email on December 28th saying, “What’s up with my order.” Well, they have yet to reply to that one. So I sent them another email today. Oh, and while they haven’t had time to reply to my emails, they seem to have been able to give their site a face lift. It looks completely different now.

And they seem to have deleted my customer account. I can no longer login to view the status of my order. And I can’t use the “Lost Password” feature as the site keeps telling me my email is invalid.