Broadway in Bonita?

Today we had our Christmas program. I thought it went well. First service went smoother, while second service had a hickup or two balanced out with more ad-lib lines. We filmed the second service with a pro-grade camera my brother was able to borrow from work.

After second service, we loaded up 3 cars with teens and headed out for food. After all, a hungry cast doesn’t look good on film….

The goal: shoot film to create a hype video for an up coming youth group activity (Scavenger Hunt or Trading Up)

Once back at the church, we marched into the modular classroom and attempted to create a brainstorm. I doubt we even created a light drizzle. Fortunately, before long, Dave stepped up and pitched winning concept for a “Trading Up” commercial. In the next two hours, we filmed several youth purchasing Altoids, balls, dogs, laptops, and vehicals — all for just pennies.

I think the youth enjoyed this afternoon. Goofing off in front of cameras just comes naturally for some. Dave did an excelent job organizing shots on the fly and dealing with the unpredicability of recently feed teenagers. Next step will be for Dave to edit the final commercial, which is anticipated to be 30-60 seconds in length. Expected date of delivery is Sunday, January 2, 2005.


One Response to “Broadway in Bonita?”

  1. Dan Says:

    mmmm, laptops

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