HeroOn the way home from work yesterday, I bought Spiderman 2 and Hero. I wanted to see Hero in theaters, but could never get anyone to go with me. Being a big fan of martial arts and asian films, I felt comfortable purchasing this film before having seen it.

I like the way the story was told: just like a story. And like any story, it has versions, or different sides to the story. I was a little dissapointed in some of the action sequences. I’m getting tired of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style of swordplay. The whole flying thing is getting out of control, IMO.

One thing I like about asian films is their emphasis on morals. More specifically, honor. The dialog between Nameless and His Majesty play on like a game of chess. Each telling their own side to the story. The way this movie comes to an end is excelent.


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