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The xBox Bites Back

December 30, 2004

The xBox Bites BackAs Dan mentioned in his blog “Mark’s Nose Woes, I had a teeny weeny accident while moding my xbox. Well, to be true, I had an accident while watching him mod my xbox. I was just photo-documenting the event when this shop light attacked me from above.

Partial Parcel

December 29, 2004

I was at my cousin’s house today, ranting to my aunt about my shipping woes, when the phone rang. It was for me. I had received a package. Oh? Bring it on over and grab the other xbox please. Fifteen minutes later, I have the virgin xbox and half of my order in hand. Half?! Yes, only the modchip came in the mail. The button board is still missing in snail mail somewhere (about a $20 value). Hurmph.

Cheap shipping

December 29, 2004

So, I spent $80 on a modchip for my xbox. I made the purchase on Dec 12th @ The order stayed “In Packaging” untill Dec 16th, when it was marked “Shipped”. It is now December 29th, and I still do not have my package. I am furious.

Their website said that orders before the 20th, would arrive before Christmas. Their website still says that shipping takes about 3-4 business days. I was hoping to get my box fully moded before Christmas, and now I’m worried I won’t receive my package before New Years — if at all.

This was the first and will be the last time I deal with this vendor.

I hate programmers!

December 29, 2004

ARRRRGH! I finally got my blog up and running again. It seems that developers these days don’t read enough documentation about the tools they are using. More specifically, the WordPress developers aren’t keeping their code up to snuff with the evolution of the PHP language.

I’ve been testing various Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, and it seems that many of them do not work on my system either. Why?! Why cannot developers develop application which will conform to standards which are published months in advance? PHP 5.0.0-RC1 was released in March of 2004, and we had heard about the upcoming changes to the object oriented code support for months prior. Yet I seem to be finding every last CMS out there which still does not support PHP 5.

This frustrates me. And whats worse: when WordPress developers blame the PHP developers for the malfunctions in WordPress. HELLO?!

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2004

I’ve enjoyed my Christmas. I slept in ’till about 8am. I ate good food. Played some Age of Empires 2 with my dad and brother. Watched the extended version of the first Lord of the Rings movie. Did some shell scripting for a bit. Visited relatives and played xbox and Scattergories. Worked on my cousin’s linux install on his xbox. Ate pie. Drove home, and started blogging. That’s where I’m at now. I’m thinking I’ll finish this up, then get another full nights rest before church tomorrow.

Oh! And I’ve got all of next week of work. Weee!

Dave & Buster’s

December 23, 2004

Last night, we had a group of 13 guys go out to Dave & Buster’s. It was my first time there and wow, what a blast!

I had “Dave’s CheeseBurger-CheeseBurger”. I ordered it well done, which was a little dry. Next time I’ll order it medium-well. Jesse ordered the same thing, but seemed to have swallowed it in two bites… fries included.

Lots of games. Fun games. But you have no idea how much money your spending becuase they use a debit card like system, with the arcade priced in a point system. I think I spent about $25.

We were probably in the arcade for about 2 hours and ate for about an hour. Got back to the church late, around 10pm. I was in bed around 10:30pm, and got 6 hours of sleep. I’m tired.

Missed opportunity

December 22, 2004

So… with this scheduled power outage, I thought it was a good opportunity to add a gigabit network card. So, before hand, I built a new kernel with support for the card I intended to add. The outage comes, I shutdown the machine. The time passes, I boot the machine. The good news is that the new kernel seems to be working. The bad news is that I completely forgot to physically add the new network card.


Reving it up

December 21, 2004

Dan’s coming over for dinner tonight. He’ll bring my newly fixed “maxbox” and his newly modded xbox (still untitled, Dan?). My second xbox is still sitting on my bedroom floor, waiting for the modchip to come in the mail. I’m expecting it to arrive tomorrow.

I noticed in my “In Awe” email (newsletter from church) that we have another Coffee House event coming up on Janurary 30th. I’m hoping for large turnout. Especially from our youth. I can’t wait to see them swarming over three modded xboxes networked together. Buhahah!

Scheduled Outage

December 20, 2004

We’ve got another scheduled power outage for Wednesday, starting at 8am and lasting up to 8 hours. I so wish I had a UPS. *cries*

My current uptime is only 24 days. I don’t think I’ll value this as much anymore as I’ve been updating my system more regularly. The last uptime reset was due to a kernel upgrade.

Broadway in Bonita?

December 19, 2004

Today we had our Christmas program. I thought it went well. First service went smoother, while second service had a hickup or two balanced out with more ad-lib lines. We filmed the second service with a pro-grade camera my brother was able to borrow from work.

After second service, we loaded up 3 cars with teens and headed out for food. After all, a hungry cast doesn’t look good on film….

The goal: shoot film to create a hype video for an up coming youth group activity (Scavenger Hunt or Trading Up)