Youth Group Hazing

I’ve started helping out with the youth group at my church. This was the first Friday night I’ve been too. And so, they had me read a bunch of geneology from I Chronicles 6:1-8 just to watch me pronounce the names. Thanks, Sean.

After 4 short messages from some of the older youth, they played “Telephone”. But they have their own way to play this. Two people go into a room by themselves. The first acts something out, while the other watches. A third person enters the room and watches the second person re-inact what the first person did. So on and so forth. The last person who enters the room tries to guess what the person is doing.

Next was kick ball. Basically baseball, but you kick a big rubber ball instead of swinging a bat. Looked fun. I got to play, but I only got a few balls kicked my direction. I guess that happens when your about a foot taller than everyone else in the field.

Back indoors for snacks, just in case the youth have run outa sugar. After all, you can’t send them home tired.


One Response to “Youth Group Hazing”

  1. Dan Says:

    Try not to squash them.

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