Morning already?

It’s Wednesday night and I’ve finally gotten to bed at a semi-decent hour: around 9:30pm. I fell asleep quickly enough, as I usually do after a long day in the shipyard.

Next thing I know, there is a buzzing/ringing sound. I wake up and almost by reflex, slap my alarm clock off. I squinted at the minitues: something nine. Nine!? I overslept! I threw the covers off and jumped outa bed. Just then I heard that same ringing and noticed a red light flashing over by my keys. It was my cell phone. Glancing back at the clock, with my glasses on now, I could see that it was 10:19pm. Who in their right mind would be calling me at an hour like this?!

“Hello?”, I said.
A female voice replied, “Hi, is (someone) there?”
“You have the wrong number.”

*pause* Through the background noise, I could hear what I thought was a pool table. I imagined a bar or club. ..Uhh, she hasn’t hung up.

“Hello?”, I said again.
“Ya, is (someone) there?”
“Uh, you got the wrong number.”
“Isn’t this (somenumber)-2879?”
“No, this is 2727.”


3 Responses to “Morning already?”

  1. Dan Says:


  2. Dan Says:

    I miss my cupcake!

  3. Gliebster Says:

    It’s a pretty sad thing when someone gets 3 digits wrong.

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