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Escape into Life

November 29, 2004

I’ve been working on the weather deck for a few weeks now. I usully eat lunch near/at my job site. There’s nothing special or unusual about today. It looks and feels just like any other day, except that I have this feeling of inspiration.

Looking at the cityscape, I want to leave work and go on a road trip. Maybe photograph an adventure. I want to be with friends. I want to do something new and exciting. I want an escape from my routine, and I want to explore life.

New kernel

November 25, 2004

I did it! I have successfully configured and compiled a new kernel and rebooted my server from a remote location. The reason for this kernel update is because I forgot to put smbfs support into my last kernel. I needed smbfs support to mount a windows machine so I could get some files off of it. But alas, by the time I get everything set, the windows box was turned off. At least I’m set for next time.

I got it!

November 25, 2004

Wednesday, my Noir purchase arrived. I had a meeting to get to by 5pm, so I only had time to watch the first episode. Looking at the artwork on the 7 DVDs, I’m really looking forward to sitting through the serries.

Almost there

November 23, 2004

Cold weather. Hot food. Warm fellowship.
I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

The maxbox

November 20, 2004
the maxbox

The “maxbox” is my modded xbox. It has an X-ecutor 2 Pro chip and an 80GB hard drive. It has the lovely Xbox Media Center and tons of roms for my emulators, so it’s always a hit at parties (see: Family Fest). And it’s a must have for any geek like me. It’s a beautiful thing.

Still Waiting

November 20, 2004

Wednesday evening, I bought the seven dvd set of Noir off of an Ebay store. I got confirmation from Ebay that my payment went through, but I haven’t heard from the seller.

Youth Group Hazing

November 19, 2004

I’ve started helping out with the youth group at my church. This was the first Friday night I’ve been too. And so, they had me read a bunch of geneology from I Chronicles 6:1-8 just to watch me pronounce the names. Thanks, Sean.

National Treasure

November 17, 2004

National TreasureJust got back from a screening for National Treasure at SDSU. Great movie!

While the premise may be completely absurd, the story was full of action, adventure, mystery and even comedy. Cast was great. And I’m telling ya, that kid looks like Kurt Russel.

My Car

November 12, 2004

I just cut the last check to pay off my car. This is the most expensive single item I have purchased. It feels good to have it payed off (and to have done it in about 7 months). I plan to redirect my budget for car payments towards saving for a downpayment on a house or condo or something.

Dinner Out

November 12, 2004

Tonight, we ate dinner at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse. It was to celebrate the fact that my brother was accepted into the film major at SDSU.

I had the Australian Lobster Tail. Dave had the Filet Mignon with Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. My dad and grandmother had the Swordfish, and my mom had the Salmon.

This was the first time I’ve had lobster. I think I’ve found out that I’m not a lobster fan. The bacon wrapped shrimp were pretty good. But I like Anthony’s shark better than the swordfish.

I think overall, we thought the food was much too pricey and that we prefer the seafood at Anthony’s Fish Grotto. Steaks aren’t hard to find. Heck, I can grill them up anytime. But a good seafood restaurant…. So far, I like Sizzler‘s shrimp, and anything Anthony’s.