Finder’s Fee

From the description, I didn’t expect this movie to be worth watching. Then I noticed Matthew Lillard (and later James Earl Jones) and decided to sit through it. I wasn’t disappointed. Actually, I thought it was a really good movie. Up to that last scene. I thought that last bit was as bad as screenwritters who have multiple endings.

But, don’t let that last bit spoil the rest of the movie. Almost completely shot in once scene, I found this movie more entertaining that Phone Booth. And its all about a very long tug-of-war on morals…. which hat would you wear?

One Response to “Finder’s Fee”

  1. Dan Says:

    Unrelated Comment: Mark, I’ve got no Lab for the rest of the week, so I am 100% open for Halloween prep time in the afternoons or whenever for the rest of the week.

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