Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the DeadWent to go see Shaun of the Dead tonight with Dan and Dave. They made me do it. I wanted desperately to see Hero before it left theaters, but it’s looking like I won’t make it in time. We ended up having dave tally votes for movies which were playing at our favorite theater (AMC Palm Promenade 24). My movie lost. =[

And on to the review: I was dying of boredom the first 20 minutes or so. Dying to stand up and say, “See?! We should have gone to Hero!” Then they two main characters notice a girl in their garden. Woah, now things are picking up! I stopped breathing, it was so funny. The rest of the movie was spattered with laughter, which did taper of towards the end.

This movie is an import from the UK. The actors aren’t inexperienced, but they were all new faces to me. The acting was fine. The comedy wasn’t right from the get-go. Probably not worth a movie ticket unless you’re with a group who needs something to laugh about. But probably worth a rental if you like zombie-bashing-comedies (not that they should make that a genre of its own).


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