I did it! Woot! I finally got Trac installed. What was the last fix?
`urpme swig-py; urpmi swig-devel`

Basically, I removed the python swig RPM, and installed the devel swig RPM. I wasn’t able to install the devel without removing python first because the devel includes the two files that are in python. No recompile needed. I simply re-ran my `trac-admin` command and it worked. Weee!

Check it out at:
(Yes, I know it’s ugly. Give me time.)


3 Responses to “Victory!”

  1. Galikanokus Says:

    Good maybe now oyu can get me Mr. Six Flags with all that new stuff on your computer. Or maybe not… But i do still want it!!!! (by the way…good job)

  2. Mark Says:

    Just to clarify the cause of the problem (for anyone else with similar problems). The likely cause of the error is that the swig-py RPM was probably not built with the same version of swig as the swig RPM that was installed. Whereas the swig-devel RPM ontained python bindings that were.

  3. Dan Says:

    Sp Python was drunk past the legal limit?

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