Compatability Conflicts

I’ve spent the last 7 hours almost constantly in front of my laptop trying to get various pieces of my puzzle to fit together. Alas, I am going to have to forfeit.

I haven’t tested my Subversion install yet. No, rather, I tried to make things more complicated. I recompiled Apache, PHP, and subversion today. I also added a few more ingredients to the stew: IMAP, Horde, and Chora. Of course, Chora requires Horde, and Horde requires IMAP (and a slew of other things, but only IMAP gave me trouble). Well, after hours of stress to get IMAP installed, and hours of stress attempting to get Horde installed, I find out that Horde isn’t compatable with PHP version 5. At all. Period. No exceptions.

GAH! I hate developers!

If I have time over the weekend, I’ll be recompiling PHP (maybe Apache) again to remove all the crud I put in there from the Horde prequisite list.


2 Responses to “Compatability Conflicts”

  1. Dan Says:

    Sounds like Subversion is substandard still

  2. Mark Says:

    The problems I had were not related to Subversion. The problems were with other web based software which dynamically creates a web archive of your Subversion repository.

    Subversion is rapidly becoming the source code management of choice. Apache, Samba, Debian, and other projects use Subversion over CVS or Microsoft’s Visual Source Safe. And Subversion is under constant development, with a new version being published about every 3 weeks.

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