Home on the Range

Home on the RangeYes, I rented a children’s animated movie. Unfortunately, that’s all I got. Honestly, I expected a little more humor for adults. Granted I got a laugh here and there, but I had to work at paying attention (Chicken Run was much better). It was just your basic childrens movie. So, worth the rental if you have kids.


One Response to “Home on the Range”

  1. Dan Says:

    Chicken Run = Dreamworks/Aardman, Home on the Range = Disney. Big difference. Also a note… Home on the Range is the very last film that the last of Disney’s traditional movie animators worked on before most of the rest of them were layed off. It is the end of an erra sort of. Look forward to seeing crappier made-for-tv movies from Disney’s lesser quality teams of animators and more CGI films. Although I like CGI a lot. I do appreciate a good QUALITY traditionally animated film such as Lilo and Stitch and the Lion King.

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