Change in the Wind?

The last two days at work have been brutal. It’s not been the work load or the co-workers or even the foremen this time. It’s been the weather. So incredibly hot. And working in a steel tank all day just compounds the problem. From what I’m hearing, tomorrow will be the same. 😦

On the flip side, I’ve found out a friend of mine works at Qualcomm. I’ve not spoken to him yet, but I hear that he works in beta testing or “Quality Assurance”. He told my cousin he may be able to get me an interview if I want.

I gave him a call this afternoon, but it turns out he works an afternoon/evening shift. I’m gonna try to get in contact with him in the next few days (probably over the weekend) to ask him for more info. Out of the yard is out of the yard. But I also don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.


2 Responses to “Change in the Wind?”

  1. Dan Says:

    Did you e-mail him yet?

  2. Mark Says:

    Yes. I’ve got some basic info and told him I’m definately intersted (more $$, less danger). He’s gonna ask his boss how I should apply, as he got in via a hiring agency (who ran across his resume on a website).

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