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Subversion installation

September 30, 2004

It would appear that my Subversion install has successfully completed. I don’t have time to check, as I’m getting ready to go out.

I had to install Berkeley DB. Then update Then recompile Apache (to update apr and apr-util). Then I was able to compile Subversion. No errors, so I’m feeling good. I’ll have to play with it tomorrow to insure a successful install.


September 30, 2004

I think that Lost redeemed itself a bit. It turns out, that the roaring was a polar bear. A polar bear on a tropical island.

Moving on… Just before the batteries die on the transceiver, we find out that a prerecorded message was playing from someone else who was stranded on the island. Stranded over 16 years ago. I don’t think they made it off.

Oh, and we also found out that there is a convict on the island.

Installation = Frustration

September 29, 2004

I’m having a heck of a time getting Subversion installed. I think I’ve finally got Berkely DB installed, but when configuring Subversion, it says:

configure: error: Berkeley DB not found.
configure failed for apr-util

I’ll have to read more about this “apr-util” (something to do with apache). I think I have to link Berkley to it or something.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

September 29, 2004

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindStarted out ok. Then got really weird, really fast. Towards the end, after I understood what was happening, it began to redeem itself. I think it’s one of those movies that you have to watch twice to appreciate.

Why was it so confusing? We’ll the movie is about a man who is having some memories erased while he sleeps. So, half of the movie is from the perspective of the man’s dreams. As he’s dreaming of one memory, and it begins to be erased, his dream starts falling apart. Past memories and present thoughts start to intermingle, creating a very weird storyline.

I wouldn’t write this one off. Reminds me a tad bit of Memento, only more bizarre. Maybe more like A Beautiful Mind. I’d say this is a movie for the patient movie watcher.

Small Server Upgrade

September 28, 2004

I just upgraded to Apache 2.0.52 and PHP 5.0.2. Back up and running in under 2 hours.

The purpose of this upgrade was to add some modules (mod_dav, mod_dav_fs, mod_auth_digest) to my Apache install in preperation for an installation of Subversion.

I heard about Subversion quite a while ago (pre v1.0.0). Having a possible project in mind, I thought I’d check the progress. I’m excited to see it’s up to v1.0.8 and just had to prep my server for an install.

Oh, and I’m also happy my server made it through another we upgrade.

Walking Tall

September 28, 2004

Walking TallA pretty good movie. Based on a true story, which I didn’t know. A remake of a 1973 movie of the same title, which I also didn’t know.

The storyline was just alright: man comes home from war and trys to fix the town his childhood adversary turned into immorals-ville. Action was abundant. But nothing overly fancy (read: no kung foo). And who needs much character development when you have so much action? Right?

If you liked The Rock in The Rundown, you should enjoy this flick too.


September 27, 2004

Mark and JesseWe ran up to Fry’s Electronics on Sunday to get Jesse a new video card. His computer was using onboard video and it just wasn’t cuting it. After picking out a card, driving back to his place and cracking open his computer, we realized his machine didn’t have an AGP port. Doh! He’ll have to return it and find a PCI graphics card.

Anyway, while we were there, we found a computer with a built in media card reader. So of course, we had Dan take a picture of Jesse and I and then set it to the desktop image of the machine. What do you expect us to do when the “Guest” user account is a member of the “Power Users” group?!


September 22, 2004

I was actually excited about ABC‘s Lost. It started out alright, and I’m liking the cast and main characters. But I’m concerned about this “thing” in the jungle. I’m afraid that Lost is feeling a bit too much like The Lost World: Jurrasic Park. While I’m all for gaining inspiration from other’s works, please, don’t steal what makes their film unique.

I will be watching Lost again next week. But I’m keeping an eye on the “thing” situation.


September 21, 2004

FoolproofJust watched Foolproof for the second time. Great movie! Almost on par with Ocean’s Eleven. And a tad bit like The Italian Job.

For those of you who watch Agatha Christie movies, David Suchet, who plays Poirot, is the bad guy in this movie. As for the rest of the cast, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of their films. That said, I was impressed with the acting quality.

Storyline was well thought out. Character developement was enough. Well worth a rental.

Licensed to Geek

September 18, 2004

I just saw the geeky-est license plate: “CPT HACK”