Rumble in Hong Kong

Rumble in Hong KongI tried to watch Master with Cracked Fingers first, but for some reason, it wont play in any DVD player (XBox & PCs included) in the house. So, I watched Rumble in Hong Kong.

This was a terrible movie. First of all, this is no “Jackie Chan” film. Yes, he is in this movie, but he didn’t play a very big role. Second, the photography itself was bad. Some of the shots were just too tight. Then the storyline, acting and choreography all just felt thrown together without too much thought. Filming on a whim may work for short, student films, but I expect more from feature length movies. Please, spend the time to make watching worth my time.


One Response to “Rumble in Hong Kong”

  1. galekonookis Says:

    so you don’t like jakie cha?!?! who are you, you freak. get me mr. six flags. 😛

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