Work sucked

Today, NASSCO is laying off a lot of the subcontractors. Including several of the people I’ve worked with for the last few months.

Today sucked. I think that about sums it up.

I’ve been wanting to quit since I started working at NASSCO. One of the reasons I’ve been able to stick it out is because of the comradere of a few of my co-workers. And now that’s being broken up.

Apparently, NASSCO says they’re trainees are doing find and that they don’t need the subs anymore. Just goes to show how much upper management is aware of. From my viewpoint, the subs are the only ones getting work done. I rarely venture out to do work on my own. Training simply didn’t prepare us for that. In fact, they told us that we would be paired with a journeyman. Then when we get into the yard, we’re expected to work independantly. Ya whatever. I usually pair up with a sub journeyman once I’m down in the tank.

Lunch is almost over. I’m staring at Downtown again. Another beautiful view today.


One Response to “Work sucked”

  1. galekonookis Says:

    so quit and get an education man. it do you good to be edumacated. and to get some one mr. six flags.

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