Uptime Reset

OK… so last night I was logged into my linux server and doing my usual “show off your linux skills”. I pulled up my server’s website (host.maxalbert.com) to show off my uptime goodness. Ack! It said “24 days”! 24 days!?! No way! It should be way over 200 by now.

The other day, I noticed my server time was 20 minutes behind. I promptly ran an `rdate -s` command to fix that. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to the date. Though, I can’t believe an rdate command would have reset my uptime. Especially since I didn’t run the command 24 days ago (maybe 3?).

At any rate, I have no clue what caused this uptime fart. If anyone has any opinions, let me have it! I’d hate to have this happen again.


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