You Stole My Leads!

At the begining of every shift, after the ‘pep talk’ from the foremen, I’ve got to find and pull welding leads (long, fat cables for arc welding). Doesn’t sound too hard. Maybe a little exercise depending on how far you have to run your line. That was not the case Friday.

Thursday, I had to do some welding. So Friday, I should still have the leads I pulled from the day before, right? Well, no. When I get over to the tank I was working in, I saw all of the leads I pulled the day before in a pile next to the hole. Hmm.. I started untangling them when a welder (red hard hat) ran up to me and said, “Those are my leads!”
“Oh. You didn’t just pull them out of this hole?”
“No. Those are my leads!”
“So you didn’t just pull them out of this hole right here?”, I said, pointing at the hole I dropped them down the day before. Good grief! If your going to lie to my face, you can keep them. I’ll go find myself some new leads.

We’ll, that was a chore. I found a lead coming out of another tank that didn’t have a washer (used to identify the person using the welding machine and leads). So, I srtarted to coil the leads up so I could carry them over to the tank I was working in. Then this guy shows up. More politely than the welder, he tells me that he was going to use them. I said, no prob, I’ll find some elsewhere.

I found another lead with no washer. So I started tracing it back and coiling it up. At the other end.. of course, another guy. He said, “That’s mine.” I said sorry and started to walk off. Then he tells me to put it back. I said no. Again and again he more emphatically tells me to put it back. I walked off and conitinued my search. I later walked past his work area and he gave me the finger. I just shrugged at him. If that makes you feel any better about yourself, fine. Give me the finger. It doesn’t bother me.

It must have taken me 3 hours to find and pull leads to my work area. Argh! I need out of that yard!


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