Oops, I did it again

Apparently, I didn’t learn my lesson yesterday. I fell through another grate. This time I had to go to medical. I had a groovy gash on my left elbow from landing on another grate. I got 5 or 6 stitches (doc forgot to count and I still have it covered).

I was bored waiting for a welder to come weld out some pipe spools, so I started helping another pipe fitter in my area. My supervisor came by later and told me to just level out the last pipe spool and wire it in place. It’ll get welded out on second shift. So I climbed down the scaffolding and headed to my work area.

When I entered the room, I saw my supervisor pointing out the work to a welder. I started walking down the walkway and stepped over the first two uncovered grates and stopped looking for more. I took two more steps and found myself 5 feet shorter. Everyone turns around and asks, “Are you OK?” I pulled myself up to sit on the edge and thought for a moment. “I’m not sure. Give me a minute.”

I thought I had bruised my left elbow, so I grabbed it with my right hand. I didn’t hurt too much, but I forgot to look at my gloves for blood. I said, “Ya, I think I’m OK.” Then someone pointed out the blood on my elbow, and my supervisor told me to go to medical.

Blah blah blah… I got stitched up (as the lunch bell sounded) and they gave me a form saying I had restricted work for the rest of the day. I took the form to my supervisor, who took me to his supervisor, who said there is no light duty onboard the ship. I needed to go back to medical and have them place me somewhere else in the yard. After the walk back to medical, they decided that they should have sent me home.

I’m not complaining. Now I get 3 free paid hours and free time to blog. 😉


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