I brused my bum

Today, at work, there were 2 gas leaks, a power outage, and an oil spill. None of which played a factor when fell through a missing grate in the walkway.

Six-thirty and the bell sounded for start of first shift. I met with my supervisor and found out I was working alone today. No sweat. There’s nothing really to do. Grabbed my toolbag and headed off to my work area. Time to look busy. I stared at the blueprints in my job pack, looked deep in thought, and glanced up at the bulkhead for good measure. When my supervisor came by my work area, I showed him some discrepancies in my prints. He told me to do what I can while we wait for parts to show up which have been missing for a week or so now.

After lunch, probably around 1:30, my supervisor came to fetch me for another job. I was assigned to help a coworker with his job pack — installing two 6″ pipe spools. We picked up the first spool and started walking it across the room. I was walking backwards, stepping over the cables that littered the floor. Nearly there, I took one last step back… Well, almost. My foot missed the floor completely. I fell back and landed with my butt right on the edge.


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